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Koala Replacement Parts for Baby Changing Stations and Seating Products

One of the biggest advantages to buying Koala Kare Products is the quality and attention to detail.  That is shown no less in their professional customer service and their wide variety of parts.  The majority of companies manufacturing baby changing stations and child seating products do not have replacement parts readily available.  Koala offers a large select of parts for almost all of the products including screws, straps, springs, decals, and grommets.



Koala Baby Changing Station Replacement Parts

  • Maintain your equipment
  • For Use with Koala Kare Products Changing Stations
  • Replacement Straps, Shocks, Netting, Labels
  • Bring your existing equipment back to life



  Koala Kare Products have been in business for over 25 years. They are the world's most recognized brand for Baby Changing Stations and commercial childcare products. Not all manufacturers make replacement parts, but you can be assured in the quality of a Koala Kare product that many of the parts are manufactured and many parts are still being sold even for discontinued products. Replacement parts come with instructions and are usually installed within in a matter of minutes. You can bring new life back into your existing baby changing station. Simply wash your baby changing station with mild soap and water then add a new label or strap and your baby changing station is like new again. A simple inexpensive strap or a shock can be the difference  in buying a new product or using your existing product in return saving you a tremendous amount of money.



Koala High Chair and Baby Seats Replacement Parts

  • Keep your high chairs safe
  • For Use with Koala Kare
    High Chairs and Baby Seats
  • Replacement Straps, Chair back, Labels
  • Extend the life of your products



  Just like the Koala Baby Changing Stations, Koala High Chairs and Seating Products can be brought back to life inexpensively with genuine Koala Replacement Parts.  Koala has a full range on products and replacement parts. From a simple replacement Koala Bear label or Booster Buddy Feet to the entire backing of a high chair a replacement part can make your Koala Bear High Chair almost new again. Installation Instructions are included with each replacement part and many times the replacement parts can be replaced in a matter of minutes.  
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